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Comox TMJ

Are you noticing a “popping” sensation when you chew or yawn? Or are you suffering from constant pain in your jaw? These symptoms may be caused by TMJ disorder. TMJ disorder, or TMJ, is an inflammation of the temporomandibular joint, which is the joint between your lower jaw and your lower skull. The inflammation can cause pain and discomfort when you chew.

We can examine you to determine if your symptoms are consistent with TMJ. To make a diagnosis we carefully examine your jaw and issues such as bite alignment, whether you grind your teeth, and whether there is an underlying medical condition causing the inflammation. We will also look at your habits and whether you chew gum, smoke, or bite your fingernails.

If we diagnose your symptoms as TMJ we can refer you to a specialist for treatment and relief.

If you are suffering from chronic jaw pain contact our office to book a TMJ assessment.