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Comox Sports Guards

It’s vital to protect your teeth from injury. Although they are strong your teeth can easily be damaged or lost, with serious consequences to your dental health. To defend your teeth against being damaged Comox Avenue Dental offers customized mouth guards for sports and bite appliances to prevent damage from grinding.


If you play sports your teeth are at risk. Although the risks are higher for high impact sports such as hockey or football any sport has the potential for injury to your teeth. A sports guard made of high-impact plastic can offer you a vital line of defense against sports injuries to your teeth. Our guards are custom-made so they fit comfortably in your mouth and won’t interfere with your game.

Grinding Teeth

If you grind or clench your teeth at night you could be causing serious damage to your teeth. If you are waking up with sore jaws or headaches it may be that you are grinding your teeth in your sleep. The danger from grinding is that it can gradually wear away the enamel from your teeth and expose the softer tissues underneath to infection and damage.

To help prevent grinding a bite appliance holds your jaws and teeth in place so they can’t move. You can wear the appliance while you sleep. Our bite appliances are customized to have a minimal effect on your sleep so you can rest comfortably.

If you play sports or think you may be grinding your teeth at night, call us today to learn how a guard or appliance might help.