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Comox Sedation Dentistry

Dental anxiety is a common condition affecting millions of patients. If you suffer from intense fear or anxiety during dental procedures we can help with sleep dentistry. We are proud to be able to offer Comox residents many options for sleep dentistry ranging from mild to strong sedation depending on their level of anxiety.

Because sleep dentistry involves the use of sedatives, you will be unable to drive a car for 24 hours following your appointment. You will need to arrange transportation home from our office and have someone near you to provide care.

Oral Sedation

If you require a mild to moderate level of anxiety control we can prescribe anti-anxiety medication for you. If you take the medication just before your appointment the sedative will take effect and keep you calm during your treatment.

IV Sedation

IV sedation is recommended for patients who are very anxious or who prefer to sleep during their treatment. The sedative is administered intravenously prior to your treatment and you will be deeply sedated during the procedure.

Nitrous Oxide

We also provide nitrous oxide or laughing gas sedation. Nitrous oxide produces a mild to moderate and short lived degree of sedation that wears off quickly.

If you suffer from dental anxiety call our office in Comox today to discuss your sleep dentistry options.